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By combining campaigns from thousands of direct advertisers and local ad networks, Orixyer AdStar provides the ultimate level of audience monetization and the highest revenue per visitor.

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Our innovative optimization system eliminates the need for monitoring how your ad inventory performs. Just use any of our ad tags and the system will automatically take charge of campaign selection and performance tweaks.

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Choose from the widest variety of top-performing ad units, designed to give you the flexibility to choose your ideal level of monetization from our advertising platform and optimized for all screen sizes and platforms.

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From the humble text link to innovative rich media and mobile optimized ad units tested on different categories of websites, Orixyer AdStar has a multitude of display advertising solutions for you to earn so much more.


Our mobile website and app solutions are a cut above and fully compatible with all tablets and phones. We offer a variety of options to take full advantage of the revenue potential in the growing mobile market.


If you have developed an application, program, browser extension or toolbar, then it’s time to start profiting from your hard work. Our app monetization solutions deliver highly relevant ads that earn more.


Online games developers and game server owners can plug into our network to offer truly relevant advertising experiences to their users and the launching of a robust revenue stream.


Use our monetization tools and discover great opportunities to earn higher rates from non-incent traffic originated from social groups and fan pages.

404 pages

Traffic from 404 pages is often wasted. Not so with Orixyer AdStar, we can monetize your 404 page with advanced full screen ads to create yet another profitable revenue layer.

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